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Positive Allies

Making your organisation a better place for people living with HIV.


What is Positive Allies?

Positive Allies is a free and unique charter mark available for all organisations, whether they are large or small and whether they have paid employees or volunteers. This is designed to show that your organisation is friendly toward, and inclusive of, people living with HIV and that you actively challenge HIV stigma. No matter the size, type or shape of your organisation, you are eligible to apply. This charter mark is open to organisations based in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Positive Allies is the first charter mark of its kind in the world and by gaining this charter mark, you are showing that you are an HIV-friendly organisation with an environmental ethos of tackling HIV-related stigma in all its forms. By achieving Positive Allies, you are showing the world that you are an inclusive and equal organisation that values all of its diverse people, whether it’s your employees or your volunteers.

Why should my organisation apply for Positive Allies?

In the United Kingdom, HIV status is covered by the Equality Act (2010), so not only is there a moral case for your organisation to achieve Positive Allies, but you are also signalling to others your commitment to equality and diversity legislation.

Learn more about the need for Positive Allies

What do we need to do?

It is not a difficult process to apply for Positive Allies. You simply need to complete our pre-supplied HIV and AIDS Awareness online training, adopt our supplied HIV staff/volunteer policy and have a named Champion to get your organisation initially prepared. Then you can apply for Positive Allies in order to start the process of making your organisation a safer place for people living with HIV to work or volunteer.

Find out how to take the first steps towards achieving Positive Allies

How do we apply?

Now you have decided the level of Positive Allies that is appropriate for your organisation, apply for it here and simply gather and attach the available evidence to show how you have reached each of the goals in the level for which you are applying.

Apply for Positive Allies

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