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University of Sunderland Graduations 2021: Everything you need to know

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Published on 23 November 2021

UoS graduations
UoS graduations

The University of Sunderland’s graduation celebrations will be happening in-person this December


What's going on?

As the country cautiously begins to recover from the pandemic, the University will this winter hold its first in-person graduation ceremonies since the winter of 2019.


So, where will I be graduating?


We are returning, once again, to the Stadium of Light for the event(s).


When is it all happening?

So, we have planned graduation ceremonies for Wednesday, December 1; Thursday, December 2; and Friday December 3.

This is a chance for our Class of 2021 to celebrate in-person with friends and family, as well as other students and staff from the University. 


Will I be going on stage to collect my certificate?

Yes, each graduating student will have their name read out and will go up to collect their honour.


Will there be a photographer there?

 Yes, you will be able to get your official photograph done on the day - you should have already received information about this.

So, what is happening - and when?


Wednesday, December 1: 

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing will welcome graduating students at 10.30am and 3pm.


Thursday, December 2:
10.30am: The Faculty of Education and Society will welcome graduating students

3pm: The Faculty of Business Law and Tourism will welcome graduating students


Friday, December 3

10.30am: The Faculty of Business Law and tourism welcomes graduating students, as well as the Faculty of Technology

3pm: The Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries welcomes graduating students, as well as more Business Law and Tourism students.


Hang on, I didn't get to go to my graduation ceremony because of the pandemic - what about my special day?

Don't worry, everyone who missed their in-person ceremony due to the restrictions will get the chance to graduate during special catch-up ceremonies in Summer 2022.


What about COVID safety?

We encourage everyone attending the ceremonies to respect each others space, and act within all the current Government and NHS recommendations to ensure safety for all. Please do not attend if you feel unwell in any way.


How long does each ceremony take?

It will depend, usually somewhere between 45 minutes and 80 minutes.



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